Words make up an important part of or lives and some might even think that, without words we are nothing. However, there are times in our lives when words can’t even explain how we feel. This writing may seem like a diary, but I just wanted to express the magic of feelings which cannot even be described by words.  Its a random topic, but I wanted to focus on it to remind people out there not to neglect our emotions which can bound us to speechlessness.(I think I just made that word up)

Anna Karenina

First of all I would like to indicate that this is not a book review. I only want to state my opinion on this book taking into consideration one perspective of the book. Leo Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina” is one of the few books which bored me from beginning to end. As a classics reader, this usually isn’t the case with me, but this book dragged me to nowhere. I started reading it 3 months ago and managed to finish it just yesterday. The reason is not because I read slow or anything but because I stopped reading the book until there were 10 pages left. About 3 months entered between me leaving the book off with 10 pages and finally finishing the book. Therefore, I just want to indicate that if you’re looking for a fun book to read and you want it to be a classic, don’t choose “Anna Karenina”. 

Anatidaephobia: Is it really funny?

Last weak during my Critical Thinking class, I learned of a new symptom called Anatidaephobia. I cant spell it, I cant even pronounce it but when i find out what it is, i can sure laugh at it with the rest of the class. This symptom is a fear of being watched by a duck. Sounds really funny huh? Somewhere a duck is watching you. After doing some minor research, meaning google, I also found out that its serious for the people who are actually going through the symptom. The symptom occurs due to a traumatic experience the person went through in childhood. Something traumatic for another person can become a case of joke with another person.  So maybe before laughing and making fun of something we should think twice. Especially if this is going on in “Critical Thinking” class. 

Carpe Diem or Not?

Dead Poets Society: Killed the Day

  We have been so used to seeing movies end the way we want them to that when our wish isn’t fulfilled this leaves us unsatisfied. This may be the reason that the movie “Dead Poets Society” didn’t satisfy me as a viewer. There were meaningful messages given in the movie like the actual definition of a poem and the idea of carpe diem, but somehow those messages were overshadowed by the dreadful ending.

  “Dead Poets Society”, directed by Peter Weir shows us the influence of an English teacher on his class. John Keating played by Robin Williams is an inspiring English teacher who encourages 7 boys to form a poetry society. Mr.Keating continues to inspire his class with his extraordinary and even “unorthodox” (as the strict principal states) teaching methods. One of his students Neil, who is pressured by his father to become a doctor, wants to chase his dreams of becoming an actor. Neil follows his dream with the influence of Mr. Keating but when it comes to explaining to his strict father the importance of his dream, he fails. The audience expects to see the ambitious Neil excel in pursuing his dreams, but what ends up happening is a tragic suicide of Neil. On top that, Mr. Keating takes the blame for Neil’s death and leaves the school with an emotional goodbye from some of the boys from his class. This emotional goodbye isn’t even performed by all the boys which again leaves the audience with dissatisfaction. This also leaves the viewer with questions in mind like did Mr. Keating do the right thing or was his influence just a temporary rise of emotions?

  There are good sides to the movie also.For example,the acting in the movie is spectacular. Every role is played accordingly with some very successful actors. The messages are clearly given and the use of sources like music, camera and setting is right on the spot. So technically the movie is a success.

  To sum up, the movie is successful with its technicalities and acting but there is something missing in the ending of the movie. The movie starts by constructing wonderful emotions but ends with those emotions lingering and having no positive affect whatsoever. Therefore, a movie can give all the messages it wants but for me, if those meanings don’t change people’s lives the way they should have, then there is no point of constructing those messages in the beginning. And of course, the role of a message isn’t the only factor in determining the success of a movie, however; if you’re gonna use so many of them then the audience will naturally expect something to come out of those messages. Maybe seizing the day isn’t the right message after all.